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Link Building for Startups in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

I will discuss about link building for startups in this article. However, before I teach you how to develop links for a new company, let me explain why collecting backlinks for a startup is so difficult.
Link Building for Startups
When it comes to SEO (or digital marketing in general), most companies are in a bind.

In contrast to more established organizations, they generally lack content or other assets that might drive link development and assist them attract visitors and leads. However, you can take this service from the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. 

You must have your SEO and marketing campaigns up and running (your product might be near ready to launch, after all, or has been attracting customers already.)

So, if this seems like the guidance you're looking for, have a look.

1. Reclaim Brand or Product Mentions

Public Relations (PR) is a logical initial step for every new business. It's the most straightforward technique to raise brand recognition, present the product to the target demographic, and create some talk about the firm.

The problem is that not every PR mention you make will have a hyperlink.

Similarly, many individuals who mention your brand or product may fail to provide a link to your website.

By the way, none of this is done on purpose. Nine times out of ten, this is just an omission.

The good news is that this is an excellent chance for link development! To secure that connection, just contact the author of the article (or the site's editor) and request that the omission be corrected.

It is possible that not everyone will agree to do it. However, I know from experience that the vast majority of individuals will do it.

How can I track down brand and name mentions?

Many brand monitoring programs, such as Mention, Brand24, and others, enable you to search the web for specific phrases. Set up distinct projects for your brand as well as important corporate stakeholders, and look for links in each source the program discovers.

2. Send the Product for Reviews

More and more websites are appearing that provide reviews of SaaS solutions. Similarly, many bloggers in your field may be eager to test your app and share their thoughts with their readers.

In any scenario, the review will contain a link back to your website.

What's fantastic about this method is that such sites generally have a lot of authority, which sends a lot of link value to your site.

3. Submit the Product to Directories

This is another another straightforward link-building approach for entrepreneurs.

As the name implies, software directories show the greatest SaaS solutions available on the web.

Furthermore, the most established directories have great domain authority, which means they send a powerful backlink to anybody they link to.

The hitch is that certain directories need you to pay for a premium placement in order to receive a dofollow link. However, even if you create a free listing and get a nofollow link, it is still something.

4. List the Company in Business Directories

You might also add your firm in several local business directories if it has a registered office (which I am sure it has).

Now, I acknowledge that these connections aren't very strong. But if you're desperate for connections, even a reference like this is useful.

5. Get Listed in Resource Pages

It's typical for businesses and individual bloggers to establish resource sites devoted to a certain subject. Some of the pages include material related to the subject. Others, on the other hand, include appropriate software.

To be really honest, being highlighted may not be simple. Having said that, it costs nothing to inquire.

So, look for reference sites that are related to your product. To do so, I use a basic search query – "subject" inurl:resources (alternatively, you may use inurl:links).

The following is what Google returns for the query:
Link Building
Then, send an email to the site's administrators, explaining your tool and asking if they'd be willing to integrate it on the page.

6. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is an excellent location to begin establishing links for a company.

First and foremost, you may put links in your profile.

Second, you may add links in your responses to product-related inquiries.

It's as easy as that.

7. Be a Guest on a Podcast

I don't believe it's too far-fetched to presume that many podcasts cater to the same demographic as you.

Many of those programs are always on the lookout for guests to appear on the show.

Here's how to get started:
  • Review podcast listings on iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcast directory for programs that are related to your product. The majority of them will provide a link to the show's website in the description.
  • Review the site and previous episodes for themes where you may contribute value or fresh ideas.
Send the host a tailored email introducing yourself and your product and proposing a topic for discussion.

8. Roundup to Earn Links

This is a more time-consuming method, but it may provide three results. It may not only gain you links, but it can also help you create connections with significant personalities in your field and generate excitement about your software.

This is how it works.

Create a roundup piece that focuses on a problem that your audience is interested in. The finest roundups concentrate on how others have handled an issue that your audience is experiencing.

This company, for example, focuses on demonstrating how other businesses solved the challenge that their product solves.

9. Guest Post

Guest blogging is the holy grail of link development in my opinion. It's an approach that offers you complete control over the sort of link you get, its anchor text, and even its location.

However, as a startup, I propose that you approach guest writing more deliberately. It may turn out to be a long-term approach, but it will be well worth it in the end.

What exactly do I mean by "strategic approach"?

Instead of going to guest post exchange sites (I won't mention any since I disagree with their business model), pick only highly regarded and reputable blogs in your area.

These websites already rank well for their respective phrases and have a large domain authority and viewership.

Unfortunately, this implies that being featured there may be more difficult. But it's not impossible. We've really been developing those connections for customers for years.

10. Free Tools

Finally, provide valuable free tools that might enable your audience to draw attention and links.

This SaaS provider, for example, provides a wide selection of such tools. Each of them addresses a specific issue for their target audience and has a possibility of being recognized and connected to.

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